UC Davis Pepperspray Assault Revisited [Fall 2014]

March 12, 2015 § 1 Comment

November 18th marks 3 years since the UC Davis pepper-spray incident at Occupy. I still remember the students for their civil disobedience. I still remember the chemical burns in eyes and throats from military-grade pepper spray, used at point-blank range. The heartlessness of cops and administrators. The courage of my friends in the thick of it—victors who expelled the police—and the new friendships born after.

To those responsible for the assault, I hold nothing but absolute contempt. To Lieutenant John Pike: fuck you. To Police Chief Annette Spicuzza: fuck you. To Chancellor Linda Katehi: fuck you. To UC President Mark Yudof: fuck you. All your pathetic excuses and fake apologies for this violence mean nothing. The students and faculty—and their allies—see your agenda of selling off the university to corporations and the military-industrial complex, and refuse it. Everyone knows you only cared about your pocketbook, or about saving face. Bring your repression, bring your co-optation. Riot cops can’t rescue your efforts anymore, or those of your successors. I still remember the rage I felt hearing my friends cough up your chemicals after the attack, hearing about students hog-tied, that one may go blind. You want us to forget your names and actions. I say: to hell with that!

Resistance will continue: strikes, shutdowns, occupations. Solidarity across all the barriers erected to divide people. And perhaps new forms of creative mischief will arise. Just a few years ago, who could have imagined that we’d carry shields to protests in Davis, CA? Who could have imagined 1000 protestors staring down Katehi in total silence? Or the reinstatement of Tomás from his solidarity campaign, or driving off US Bank from campus? May our enemies’ failures haunt them each night, while we rejoice in our victories. May the students rally their accomplices anew. See you at the General Assemblies, and see you at the barricades, with dreams of a better world, and a fire in our hearts.


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