Solitude & Snowfall [Winter 2014]

March 12, 2015 § Leave a comment


Solitude and snowfall,
pale grey weights both.
Crisp air crackles in the lungs as
cold, lingering spirits drawn near,
sheltering within the living warmth.
Stillness of branches, as
slumbering elders reach skyward,
rooted into the depths.
Quiet wisdom of ages,
bound in cambium, lignin, sap.
Fox tracks patted softly upon the
white crystalline dust.
Lessons in seeking.
Teachers thanked with sudden,
heartfelt awe.
In bleary mist
Nothing shimmers but the glistening eyes
Of the wanderer, the tracker, the
haunted one.
Death-speaker, torch-bearer,
open to the dormant frostland,
to fates undecided.
Ruminating on hibernation and hailstones, on
evergreens and chilled bones,
On glacial voids,
and hearts made cold.
Fallen spirits beckon, whispering:
what cometh after the Winter’s pass,
the Spring,
Or the Pyre?


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