Ferguson Uprising [Winter 2014]

March 12, 2015 § Leave a comment

Grand Jury Decision Reached In Ferguson Shooting Case

If you fear these desperate folks wearing hoodies and masks, who feel they have no future, who burn or loot businesses and police stations they perceive as instruments of racism, you should hear about the big dogs. These smug politicians wearing suits and ties, who think they own the future, who burn and loot entire nations they perceive as chessboards, whose names many of y’all still have bumper sticker’d to your car. If you take down those bumper stickers, I’ll cry for the broken window of your choosing.

And what alternatives really exist anyway? in the words of Xavier Holland, “In these potentially violent times in Ferguson, I think it’s important to look at the example MLK set. His quiet dignity. His restraint. How he was able to show compassion even under duress. How he got shot in the fucking face anyway.” Damned if you do, damned if you don’t, might as well taste some goddamn dignity for once.

When rebels in Ferguson put the QuikTrip gas station to the torch, they birthed an uprising, a campaign, and a movement. By refusing to play by the rules, no longer merely waving signs and voting Democrat, they set the tempo. After all, the State loves a parade. Ferguson insurgents understood How Non-Violence Protects the State. By refusing to see capitalist enterprises and the police as “their own community”, they changed the rules of engagement. The internal colonies, contrasted to those who profit off of or enforce them, do not belong to the same interests, but rather: antagonistic interests. By gathering socially to form the Temporary Autonomous Zone amidst the ashen ruins of QT, the Ferguson Uprising sparked a flame that still burns. Their thesis states, one shall cease: either the black body count inflicted by white supremacist policing, or the business as usual that functions just fine greased with blood.


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